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At the same time, no matter if sex distinctions had been questioned, we receive no differences between people

At the same time, no matter if sex distinctions had been questioned, we receive no differences between people

Whether or not our analyses look for a good fit towards research, i checked-out whether another design you’ll fit the knowledge exactly as really or greatest (MacCallum, Wegener, Uchino, & Fabrigar, 1993). Profile 2 gifts which inversed causation approach model lower than.

An option exploratory architectural model: Let’s say intimate prejudice forecasts interaction and you will confident event which have homosexuals, thought similarity with peers’ attitudes toward homosexuality, and you can religiosity. All solid contours depict statistically high pathways at the .05 height. Magnitudes out of connection is offered the quality problems into the parentheses; X dos (61, N = 360) = . Normed (NFI), non-normed (NNFI), and you may relative (CFI) goodness-of-complement is .91, .91, .93, respectively; RMSEA was .09.

Theoretically, it is only because plausible that individuals which have deeper negative thinking to your homosexuality manage stay away from reaching gay people and you may lesbians, score the relations once the negative, seeing their friends since having various other attitudes to your gay anyone, or come across support about their beliefs inside their religiosity

New alternative model got a good fit, [? dos (61, N = 360) = , p 2 =11%); confident experiences that have gay guys and lesbians (?=-.fifty, se = .06, p 2 =25%); recognized peer similarities in their attitudes towards the homosexuals (?=-.19, se = .08, p dos =4%); and, religiosity (?=.forty eight, se = .04, p dos =23%). Significant correlations was found on the disruptions away from thought of similarities with peers’ attitudes towards the homosexuals as well as their past relations with gay males and you can lesbians (r=.18, se = .06, p 2 =.11); 25% out-of participants’ self-confident feel that have homosexual some body (R dos =.25); 4% out of peer parallels having gay men and women (Roentgen 2 =.04); and you may 23% regarding religiosity (Roentgen 2 =.23).

If you find yourself this type of results are notable, i compared and therefore design fitted the info most readily useful utilizing the Design AIC and you can Model CAIC coefficients having non-nested model evaluations and each models’ complement indices. The original model got a far greater complement (Model AIC=; Design CAIC=-; NFI = .92; NNFI = .92; CFI = .94; RMSEA = .08) compared to the solution model (Model AIC = & CAIC=-; NFI = .91; NNFI = .91; CFI = .93; RMSEA = .09). The real difference when you look at the complement across the a couple activities ways the brand spanking new model’s theoretic rationale suits the data greatest (Byrne, 1994).


I put up a structural design to check on whether connections and positive experiences that have homosexuals, thought of parallels having peers’ perceptions towards the homosexuality, and you will religiosity was predictive of sexual prejudice certainly one of a populace away from Puerto Rican young people. The results highly recommend all of the latent variables, apart from peers’ perceptions towards homosexuality, predict participants’ sexual bias into homosexual group. Whenever you are early in the day experts have discovered sexual bias may be high for males than simply females (Kite, 1992; Herek, 2000b), we were incapable of simulate these types of abilities.

Just how many homosexual people known by participants quicker its said sexual bias to the gay men. So it interested in signifies that Puerto Rican youth’s sexual prejudice is influenced by the lack of contact with gays and you may lesbians. Brand new stigmatization away from gay visitors on the Puerto Rican society can get limitation some students’ exposure to homosexual people and you can lesbians. Within people, getting within the-category boards that have homosexual males and lesbians, eg, will get facilitate students’ connections which have gay boys randki ateistГіw and lesbians. Other researchers have found such class facts drop off certain heterosexual’s bad appraisals on the gay men and you will lesbians (Sakalli & Ugurlu, 2001).

Our conclusions in addition to recommend that participants’ self-confident event which have homosexual men and you can lesbians use an influence within their sexual prejudice to your gay anybody. Participants’ recollection out of confident knowledge that have gay guys and lesbians was strongly predictive of the intimate bias. Additionally, the presence of an optimistic connection between participants’ relations with homosexuals in addition to their recall of self-confident knowledge using this type of class indicates an iterative procedure for which Puerto Rican teenagers you will definitely improve otherwise drop off their intention to interact which have homosexual men at the later on moments. These findings advise that Puerto Rican young adults’ appraisals of its connection with homosexual people are particularly important in the construction and you will implementation of activities to lessen intimate prejudice. Issues and you may settings creating a host where desired and you can discover talk was normalized may facilitate confident interchanges. Search about what constitutes positive enjoy ranging from Puerto Rican heterosexual and you may homosexual men needs.

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